Madarao Kogen is a place that is perfect as a powder snow destination.パウダー・ツリーランの聖地 斑尾高原


Madarao Kogen is a place that is perfect as a powder snow destination. The extremely cold and dry wind from the continent pass over the Sea of Japan, creating snow-laden clouds, and these snow-laden clouds release large amounts of snow from the skies of Madarao Kogen. Madarao Kogen’s superior powder snow is called Madapow by powder snow freaks and it is a popular resort.斑尾高原はパウダースノー・ツリーランの聖地として人気のスキー場です。自然そのままに限りなく近いコース、極上のパウダースノーで味わう快感が「マダパウ」と呼ばれ、世界のスノーリゾートを知る多くの愛好家たちから支持されています。

The concept is ‘Make your tree run debut.’ With easily-found courses, quick access and smooth exits. It’s a one-stop destination for tree run-lovers of all abilities. Madarao is located in the northern part of Nagano Prefecture, between Nozawa Onsen and Myoko Kogen. There are 13 official Tree ski courses, more than any other ski resorts in Japan.
In Madarao mountain resort, 60% of the courses are ungroomed, so there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to enjoy a fluffy, deep powder when you ski. Also, since not many people like to ski on powder, there is not a lot of competition for the slopes.
Mt. Madarao stands 1382 meters tall and has 31 separate courses. There are 13 lifts. The ski area features a unique bowl-shape. Since Madarao mountain resort was host to Japan’s first Freestyle Skiing Competition, there are many unique courses to choose from. There are groomed courses, ungroomed courses, the Tree Run courses, Free Ride Park, Kid’s Park, and wave courses. Madarao mountain resort can be enjoyed by everyone from first timers to advanced skiers!

Madarao Kogen’s village is situated at an elevation of approximately 1,000m. There are a few different restaurants and bars that operate within walking distance from the lodging facility. Visitors can choose from Western-style restaurants and traditional Japanese pubs depending on their preference.斑尾高原は標高約1,000mに位置する本格リゾート。
宿泊施設から徒歩圏内に営業するレストランやバーがいくつかあります。 好みに応じてレストランや居酒屋などを選ぶことができます。

Accessing Madarao Kogen from Tokyo is very simple. Go to Iiyama Station by train from Haneda Airport or Narita Airport, and from there, it is convenient to take the bus.
It takes just 1 hour and 40 minutes to get to Iiyama Station from Tokyo Station (or Ueno Station) by bullet train. From there please take the NOTOMA bus, the direct bus, or a taxi.

Iiyama Station as a hub and go to sightseeing spots

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