Iiyama City is one of the most prominent heavy snowfall areas in Japan and there are many events and activities that take advantage of the large amounts of snow they get.日本有数の豪雪地域「いいやま」。新幹線で東京からわずか100分。

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Iiyama City is one of the most prominent heavy snowfall areas in Japan and there are many events and activities that take advantage of the large amounts of snow they get.
You can get to Iiyama City in an hour and 40 minutes from Tokyo on the Hokuriku Shinkansen.
Iiyama City contains a number of businesses, including a supermarket, mall, general hospital, restaurants and bars. We also enjoy easy access to cities such as Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka, Toyama, and Kanazawa from Iiyama Station. We recommend Iiyama not only as a ski trip destination, but also as a prime spot for sightseeing in Japan.
飯山市街地には、スーパーマーケット、ショッピングモール、総合病院、レストラン、バーなど、多くのお店があり長期滞在でも安心です。 また、飯山駅から東京、名古屋、京都、大阪、富山、金沢などの都市へ簡単にアクセスできます。スキー旅行の目的地としてだけでなく、周辺観光の拠点としてもおすすめです。

The Iiyama area hosts a great variety of activities for its visitors. All of the information about Iiyama’s sightseeing and activities can be found inside Iiyama Station at the Tourist Info Center and the SAC (Shin’etsu Shizenkyo Activity Center). The Tourist Info Center can provide you not only detailed information on where to go in Iiyama, but also on how to get there, while the SAC can help you with signing up for various activities and with rentals. Please rest assured that the staff at both centers can assist you in English.飯山ではたくさんのアクティビティがあります。アクティビティや観光に関する情報は飯山駅構内にある、信越自然郷観光案内所(飯山観光局)かSAC(信越自然郷アクティビティセンター)にお立ち寄りください。交通情報についてもこちらでご案内しています。両施設とも英語でご案内ができるスタッフが常駐しています。

Iiyama has many shrines and temples within a relatively small area making it known as the Little Kyoto of Japan’s Snow Country. But Iiyama is not limited only to it’s traditional temples, but also boasts local foods such as soba noodles and bamboo leaf sushi. Tourists can enjoy visiting the local sake brewery, as well as the Takahashi Mayumi Museum of Doll Art to see its many cute dolls depicting Japanese countryside life. Visitors of Iiyama can also try their hands at making Japanese traditional washi paper at a workshop.飯山は比較的狭いエリアに多くの神社や寺院があり「雪国の小京都」と呼ばれています。また飯山は蕎麦や笹寿司などの料理もおすすめです。その他、酒蔵や高橋まゆみ人形館、伝統的な和紙づくりを体験できるクラフトワークなど多くのアクティビティがあります。

Located at the northernmost tip of Nagano Prefecture, the Kamakura Snowhut Town is only a short trip from Iiyama City. In the winter, the town is filled with ample amounts of snow.
Kamakura Town contains about 20 snowhuts and is open for about a month a year between late January and late February. At night, the snowhuts are illuminated with lanterns creating a beautiful fairytale-like charm perfect for families, friends, couples. Visitors can enjoy onigiri rice balls and hot-pot prepared with Iiyama’s local ingredients inside a Kamakura snowhut.
Restaurants in Kamakura Town are open for both lunch and dinner. Reservation is required.

Iiyama Station as a hub and go to sightseeing spots

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